About Learning for life

Learning for Life is a character education program designed to support schools and community- based organizations in their efforts to prepare youth to successfully handle the complexities of our contemporary society.

Our curriculum prepares students to enhance their self-confidence, motivation, and self-esteem. The program uses age-appropriate, grade-specific lesson plans to give youth skills and information that will help them make positive decisions for themselves, their families and their futures.

Learning for Life makes academic learning fun and relevant to real-life situations in age appropriate and grade specific material. As a result, the positive character traits and skills learned by participation in Learning for Life not only make students more confident and capable, but also give them an invaluable understanding of how things work in the real world. Schools will see higher attendance rates and fewer disciplinary actions.

The Learning for Life curriculum focuses on nine character attributes:







Life Skills



Learning for Life incorporated in 1991 as a nonprofit organization. We have 264 local offices across the country and also serve international education institutions. Since our incorporation, we have served over two million youth who will grow up to be our future leaders.

mission statement

To empower students to build exceptional character and leadership skills by guiding them through an innovative, research-based curriculum that enhances the learning experience and teaches the skills necessary to succeed both academically and throughout their lives.


To provide engaging and relevant PreK-12 solutions that positively impact academic performance, social & emotional maturity, character development, and career education for all students.


Uplifting Students. Building Character.
Defining Leadership.

Learning for life incorporates real life situations for students to think about and be able to reflect upon as it relates to their own experience in and out of school. The hands on and role playing activities allow our students to be able to apply them to real situations. Our mediation requests have gone down significantly since incorporating these lessons in the classroom I believe partly because students are able to problem solve on their own before they need an adult to intervene.

Audra Pennant , Corr Elementary

We have had the LFL program for many years and it has become part of our curriculum to provide character lessons to our students on a consistent basis. Over the years, teachers have witnessed first-hand the benefits of incorporating character attributes in their daily routine, students feel a better sense of belonging, tend to respect the rules, and get along better with each other thus reducing the incidents of fighting, bullying, and classroom disruptions.

Francesca Lampugnani , Southwood Elementary

Keep it up what you are doing; you never know when you will change someone’s life.

Participant in Learning to Lead , Fifth-Grade Leadership Training and Team Building

National Executive Board

Mark Wiesenhahn

Chair, Learning for Life National Executive Board


Dan Walters

Chair-Elect, Learning for Life National Executive Board


Fred Markham

Immediate Past Chair/Governance, Learning for Life National Executive Board


Bray Barnes

Vice-Chair Career Field Development, Learning for Life National Executive Board


Craig Martin

Vice-Chair National Exploring Program Chair, Learning for Life National Executive Board


Richard "Dick" Davies

Vice Chair National Exploring Program Commissioner, Learning for Life National Executive Board



Vice-Chair Partnerships/Development, Learning for Life National Executive Board

Dr. Helen Stiff-Williams

Vice-Chair LFL Curriculum Based Programs, Learning for Life National Executive Board


Jeff Schweiger

Vice-Chair Marketing/Recruitment, Learning for Life National Executive Board


Executive Team

Tim Anderson

National Director of Learning for Life & Exploring

Team Lead


(972) 580 2483

Susan Fitzhugh

Sr. Administrative Assistant


(972) 580 2433



Is Learning for Life a nonprofit organization?

Yes. Learning for Life is a registered 501©3 recognized by the IRS.

How much does Learning for Life cost?

Pricing for each of our products and services differs based on whether a local or national Learning for Life office supports your program.

Does Exploring have anything to do with Learning for Life?

Yes! Exploring is an interactive career education program for 10-20 year olds. Learn more at www.exploring.org

What if there is not a local office in my area?

The National Learning for Life office will support you in the delivery of your Learning for Life programs.

Will a Learning for Life representative come to my campus to facilitate a staff training?

Yes, our local Learning for Life representatives are on hand to deliver trainings for your staff in person. If not, give us a call at the national office and we’ll see what can do to help.

Is the program aligned with state and national education standards?

Yes. The Learning for Life PreK-12 curriculum is aligned to academic standards and expectations in all 50 states. See standards alignment.

Are the lesson plans easy to follow, even for novice teachers?

Yes. Learning for Life makes academic learning fun and relevant to real-life situations in age appropriate and grade specific material that is easy to follow.

Is the program research-based?

Yes. See program research.

What kind of assistance can I expect with my order?

Learning for Life professionals are available to assist you by phone, email, webinar and in many cases in person.

Do the lesson plans have to be taught in a single classroom session?

No. The lessons are designed to be either supplemental to your primary plan or taught in one 45 minute classroom session.